Wij leveren vervoer naar de luchthaven; Zakelijk vervoer van Gerards Personenvervoer Maastricht

Gerards Personenvervoer in Maastricht delivers you to your destination

In business, unused travel time costs money. Therefore, it is sometimes most convenient to hire a taxi service. Gerards Personenvervoer Maastricht specialises in transporting business customers. Just sit back and relax with your laptop, and we will take you to where you need to be. Perhaps you have a meeting in or around Maastricht? We can also take customers to the airports in Brussels, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Additionally, we provide standard taxi services for private customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Een betrouwbare taxiservice in Maastricht; Laat u vervoeren door een luxe taxi in Maastricht

Business transport in Maastricht

When it comes to business transport, appearance and image play a greater role than they do for a regular taxi, which is why our discreet drivers always wear a suit and we have a fleet of luxury vehicles available. What’s more, the vehicles feature power points for your laptop, among other facilities. This means you can focus on your work, whilst we take you to the agreed location.

Terwijl u naar uw bestemming gaat, kunt u rustig uw werk doen; Van alle gemakken voorzien in de taxi

Airport shuttle services around Maastricht

Our airport service can take you to airports in the Netherlands and abroad. You can make use of this service as a business customer, for example to pick up guests, or as a private individual. For extended stays outside the country, this service delivers savings when compared with parking charges. 

Personenvervoer is ons werk; Van A naar B met Gerards Personenvervoer Maastricht

Taxi service around Maastricht

In addition to business transport and our airport shuttle service, Gerards Personenvervoer provides standard taxi services for small groups in the Maastricht area. We have smart drivers and cars, and we treat our passengers with respect.