Gerards Personenvervoer Maastricht is a specialist in business transport

Our qualified drivers have many years of experience in transporting customers in the business market. With our fleet of luxury vehicles, you can create a good impression with customers and partners. The drivers are also dressed in formal attire and are very discreet. We realise that you want to make best use of your time in transit. As such, we provide a comfortable seat with a 220V charger, if required. At Gerards Personenvervoer Maastricht, you can also ask us to use your own vehicle.

Business travel on account is an option at Gerards Personenvervoer

If you use our services on a regular basis, it is possible to travel on account, in which case, we will also provide a discount. We record your details in advance and bill your company monthly. This enables you to arrange transportation for several employees, which is useful, for example, if you regularly have to take your employees to a customer in the local area or to an airport, as well as if you want to arrange to collect customers or associates on a regular basis. At the end of the month, you settle all costs in one go. 

Work and make calls without interruption

The professional drivers at Gerards Personenvervoer let your employees get on with their work in peace on the back seat. Do you need to conduct confidential conversations? We observe discretion at all times.